Eric and Neil discuss the 7 ways to make money from your first blog. Tune in to find out the value of partnering with others, how to find and create the right services and products for your audience, and other methods that have been tested and proven by Eric and Neil. Here are 7 proven methods to start making money from your first blog:

Put up an affiliate offer

So first and foremost a very easy way to make money. Let’s assume you have an audience already or you have some people reading you know your blog post then you can simply put up an affiliate offer. let’s say I’m writing a post on SEO tools for example I might say, “hey these are the best ways to go about analyzing your heat maps and by the way at the very end I recommend this tool called crazy ache because I think you know because I have been using it for years and it does a good job in terms of giving me multiple options when it comes to heat mapping and it’s growing my business.” so you can have an affiliate link there and start making money that way.

Partner Deals

Let’s say Eric has an agency and I have a blog on marketing and he’s looking for new clients. I can say, “hey Eric I’m going to create blogs and I’m going to blog about marketing tactics, anyone who approaches me for let’s say internet marketing services because I know you’re really good at it. if I refer them to you can I get a ten percent commission fee”. It’s kind of like an affiliate program but it’s more high-end so you’re not going to get a ton of these transactions.


It’s the lowest form of being able to make cash versus these other ones so the other ones are your higher return in Neil’s opinion but it also depends on the type of niche that you’re in and how much traffic you’re driving into your website. To run profitable ads, you must be good with numbers and measure the Return on Investment (ROI) and track if your ad is making profit or going in loss.

Product and services

Well, products or services whether it’s a digital product or whether it’s consulting services you will notice that some blog collect emails through the emails strip them into let’s say watching a webinar you can put your monk consulting or your own digital product or you can just drive them into an e-commerce platform.


If you’ve built up an audience let’s say Pat Flynn for example so he’s built up an audience teaching people how to build passive income websites. You can actually teach people how to do this where your coaching or your consulting and you might be charging a couple thousand dollars a month per client and you might stack up maybe ten clients or something like that that’s another way to make money.

Try Unique Blog Sponsorship

Let’s say if you blog on fashion and you get free stuff because you need clothes let’s say and you’ll get a ton of free clothes from sponsorship. You can blog about it and it’s amazing because even if you’re not getting paid at least you’re getting free stuff so you don’t have to buy clothes right, it’ll save you money each and every single month.

Create Tools

let’s say you have an audience and I think the whole theme around this is that if let’s say you have an audience and I think the whole theme around this is that if you’re able to build an audience you have multiple ways of making money so building the audience is the hardest part. if you actually have an audience let’s say I have a marketing audience on single grain for example, if I made a tool tailored towards people in that audience what if I survey them and ask them, “hey what are you struggling with what do you need using a tool like Survey Monkey” so building a tool or using a building of widget is simple you can even build a simple WordPress plugin and start making money.

So here are the 7 ways to make money from blogs by Neil Patel and Eric Siu. Do you know some other ideas to make money from blog? Let us know in comment.

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