7 Simple Facebook Ad Engagement Hacks

Facebook ads are purchased on an auction basis, where advertisers are charged based on either clicks, impressions or actions. There are plenty of different ad formats offered, and in this guide we will try to give you a structured view of what opportunities you have as an advertiser on Facebook. You can create and publish all types of ads yourself, either through Facebook’s self-service interface or through a certified ads API developer such as Qwaya – if you need a more comprehensive tool for managing your Facebook advertising. The ads are delivered all across Facebook, and some formats are eligible to show in the Facebook News feed.

Eric & Neil discuss the seven ways to get more engagement on your Facebook ads. Tune in to read some neat tips & tricks.

The first thing you can do that makes it easy, everybody can do this easy mode, you can literally just hit the boost post button in Facebook and you can drive it as a message so you can drive people to actually engage as a message to you and you can collect emails that way and then you can build messenger subscribers that way and then you can engage with those messenger subscribers and you’ll have a much higher engagement rate versus an email.
Most people don’t know this but when you create an ad on Facebook the first few seconds of that ad going live they give you premier placement. They do this to figure out how good the ad is where it should be placed, the cost per-click, whatever the bidding type you’re using and it’ll tell them, hey this is what your ad should roughly go for but as I mentioned they’re giving you premier placement so a quick little hack is if you keep rotating up your ads. so right when they go live you let them run for a few minutes and you can keep rotating them up I know this sounds really tedious but you can get really cheap clicks. you can even do that for the first hour so you let the ad last for an hour and you just keep rotating it up and what you’ll find is your cost per click or your cost per CPM drastically goes down because the rates that they give you in the first few minutes or first hour is much more favorable for you.
So by doing cost per engagement instead of optimizing for like CPM or CPC for example or even for conversions with your CPA what you can do is you bid for cost per engagement and not Google. Facebook is going to optimize for people that are more apt to engage with your ad, and what that does is once your engagement actually goes up, it’s been proven that a higher engagement ad that actually has more comments more shares in general does better in terms of decreasing the cost per click and also cost per acquisition for ads that don’t have good engagement.
Most visitors aren’t going to be buyers. So, you should set up a remarketing ad for those people. Most people may click on your ad, go to the landing page and most probably upto your checkout page, and all of a sudden they change their mind and leave your page. Here, what you can do is, you can run retargeting ads targeting those people who visited and left your page. Retargeting ads have the potential to convert some of them into buyers.
Asking for an actual engagement guess what the simple thing to do is in your ad, you can basically just ask for engagement what I’ve seen people do in the past as well is when they are running an ad they try to get people to comment and engage. but you can ask people to write a certain comment in there and then a lot of people will comment and basically, you’re going to get a lot more engagement that way just literally asking for it, asking for like, asking for a share.
Make sure you’re using videos out of all the ad formats that I’ve tested out videos convert the best it creates the most engagement creates the deepest connection with the people watching the ad and when you’re using videos keep them short to the point ideally under a few minutes make sure you’re using the transcription like the srt file so that way if people have their speakers turn on they can read the text really clearly there’s a huge difference in conversions.
You can run a contest literally what you can do you can also do this on Instagram as well, that we’re doing a giveaway right now where we are giving away ten books about billionaires and basically they can tag two or three people the more people they tag the more entries you can get that causes engagement because you have this effect where let’s say it for example if I were giving away an iPad or if I were giving away an apple computer a lot of people are just going to try to get it on this giveaway because a lot of people want that product. The key thing is if you’re going to do a giveaway contest, whatever it is, give away something that you think is relevant to your target audience, and then by doing that you’re going to get the right people engaging and you’re going to get that engagement.

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