7 Creative Ways to make your Blog post Stand Out

There are many post goes online each minute. Everyone wants to get more from their content. In this episode of Neil Patel and Eric Su, they count out 7 creative ways to make your posts stand out. Tune in to know what you can do to make your content more interesting.

Start using data and custom data, not just pulling data from other sites. You can end up doing your own research or pay people from freelance sites like UpWork and fiverr to do research for you and include that data in your blog post. When it’s your own generated data, it stands out, it gets more social shares and people love it.
Use a tool like segment.io to personalize your website. Let’s say people are visiting from Ip address like Coca-Cola, so for example on your homepage you help companies like Coca-Cola drive their revenues higher, you can just enrich their IP address B2B and you can put that in there, this helps in increasing conversion rate.

You don’t have to pay a designer; you don’t even have to be a designer. Use tools like canva to design custom graphs and images, they provide free templates and designs which are super easy to create, add the designs and images to your blog post, it will stand out, it will get more social shares and hence will increase the conversion rate.

Unique data tends to do well, unique data stands out from every perspective, be it social media perspective or SEO because they are new and they are nowhere present. Also be careful on whose data you’re analyzing and leveraging.
Using tools like kajabi, Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create online courses, launch marketing campaigns, build landing pages, and design the perfect website.
How to make your blog post stand out? Well, write a good headline to make it stand out, if your headline is not interesting enough, people won’t be interested enough to click on your blog post. A good headline plays a great role in increasing the conversion rate.
Infographics are back in, they were popular 6-7 years ago people used to create infographics but it lost popularity back then. Neil and Eric have been running tests and found out that if you create infographics now, they perform much better than they were performing earlier. What’s old will become new again in this age of digital marketing.

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